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With years of experience working in business process improvement projects, ASF can provide the support, tools, practices and training that will ensure the success of your company’s business process improvement.

Consulting Services

Common issues that signal a strong need for process redesign are fragmented processes that drain financial and human resources and diminish the ability to respond to an ever-changing market.

A business process redesign initiative commonly faces two important challenges:

  • a technical challenge, which is due to the difficulty of developing a process design that is a radical improvement of the current design
  • a socio-cultural challenge, resulting from the severe organizational efects on the involved people, which usually react against those changes

Our Approach

To cope with these challenges, ASF adopts a management vision on business process redesign, using proven BPR best practices to gain an efficient and focused effort, with lower costs and a shorter implementation time for the customer. The steps ASF recomends for business process redesign:

  • Analyzing the AS-IS operational processes in order to identify specific pitfalls
  • Counseling for the optimization of the internal processes and of the management and performance systems. Continuous improvement, an integrant part of the business model, is a key element for success.
  • Appropriate recommendations and solutions based on local business specifics.

Participating in a large number of enterprise BPR projects over the years gave ASF's team enough experience to allow them to build a specific set of best practices. This set serves as support when facing the technical BPR challenge - the implementation of an improved process design - whether taking the existing process as a starting point or starting with the so-called clean-sheet approche.

While business processes are spread across the company, disregarding organizational and functional boundaries, our consultants involve all the teams and individuals who work in that specific system, ensuring a much needed high adoption level for the final business processes.

To top all that, change-management activities include training, communications and performance measurements.

ASF is a “one-stop-shop” for its customers, offering all the business and technical solutions a customer could need.

Measurable Outcomes

Integrated, efficient, and flexible business processes enhance overall business performance and create key competitive differentiators.

They allow you to:

  • Optimize utilization of resources and assets
  • Adjust rapidly to marketplace challenges
  • Reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Enhance collaboration with partners and customers

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