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Capone is an enterprise collection platform that enables collection departments to control, manage and automate their collection processes in order to reduce bad debt. Platform development started in 2002, and has since become the leader of the debt collection software market in Romania,

while also being selected for profitable management of debt collection activities in countries like Germany, Ukraine, Belgium and Holland. Capone is used by banking and telecom companies and collection agencies, covering all collection areas from Bad Debt Prevention to Forced Execution.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Reduction/ More Value
  • Customer Care/ Public Image
  • Operational
  • Technical


  • Complete and mature set of functionalities, flexible enough to cover almost any debt collection business needs
  • More affordable than any competing solution
  • Very short implementation period


360° view

Being able to have the full 360 degree picture of a client is essential in collection activities. Capone imports all relevant information from external systems (core-banking, CRM, Data Warehouse, etc.)

Capone 360 view over a clients case
360° view of the client

Timelines GUI

Capone not only enables powerfull automation for collection processes, but also makes configurating the collection strategies user friendly by presenting them in a graphical interface.

Graphical configuration for Collection Strategies
Collection Strategies GUI

Workflows GUI

As not all collection processes are linear, a flexible business workflow configuration tool is included, which enables the definition and the management of event-based business processes.

Graphical configuration for Collection Workflows
Collection Workflows GUI

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