Capone, an enterprise debt collection platform, enables collection entities to control, manage and automate the collection processes, delivering a wide range of functionalities and flexibility, with a surprisingly short implementation time. The solution helps companies to improve the cash flow, while optimizing collection costs.

Capone has a proven track record of over 45 worldwide implementations in banking, other financial services, collection agencies and telecommunication companies. The system covers all stages of the collection stages: amicable phase (early, late, prelegal), relationship with third parties, enforcement action monitoring and insolvency proceedings.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Reduction/ More Value
  • Customer Care/ Public Image
  • Operational
  • Technical


  • Complete and mature set of functionalities, flexible enough to cover almost any debt collection business needs
  • More affordable than any competing solution
  • Very short implementation period


360° view

Being able to have the full 360 degree picture of a client is essential in collection activities. Capone imports all relevant information from external systems (core-banking, CRM, Data Warehouse, etc.)

Capone 360 view over a clients case
360° view of the client

Timelines GUI

Capone not only enables powerfull automation for collection processes, but also makes configurating the collection strategies user friendly by presenting them in a graphical interface.

Graphical configuration for Collection Strategies
Collection Strategies GUI

Workflows GUI

As not all collection processes are linear, a flexible business workflow configuration tool is included, which enables the definition and the management of event-based business processes.

Graphical configuration for Collection Workflows
Collection Workflows GUI

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