AnytimeRisk is a solution that eases the collection of financial statements for SME / SMB and corporate customers and performs financial indicators calculation based on flexible risk models.


Anytime Risk

AnytimeRisk helps streamline the processes for assessing and monitoring credit risk, internal ratings calculations and quotations required for provisions. As a result of using this software you will reduce operational risks, meet Basel II requirements, increase productivity through consistent automated processing flow, build a centralized database

for complex analyses, simplify the reporting process and reduce the IT involvement.Covered areas: credit risk assessment and portfolio monitoring, facilitating collection of client financial statements and allowing the calculation of financial indicators, based on risk models used by the bank.

Data storage and risk model

Anytimerisk - Risk Model


Reduce operational risks

By using AnytimeRisk import function you can automatically upload documents and facilitate the collection of financial statements from corporate clients. Uploading the documents can be made from txt or csv files. Thus, you eliminate the risk of introducing mistaken or incomplete financial data. Using AnytimeRisk you will streamline the process of preparing the necessary documents for financial analysis. Financial and accounting data accuracy, compliance risk model and the rules established by the banking system, compliance responsibilities and competencies at the local level, specialized and hierarchical are the operating principles of AnytimeRisk.

Help compliance with Basel II

AnytimeRisk keeps credit history and any risk management decisions taken by the bank. Also, the history of elements on which was made this decision (the client's primary financial data, risk and calculation models used, performance indicators calculations, internal and BNR ratings calculation) can be accessed instantly. Standards set by Basel II are affected by information security, electronic archiving and configuration of the risk model based on each bank policy.

Efficient analysis process through system automation

AnytimeRisk can help you to build a centralized database for complex analyses by building and adjusting risk models. Automating certain operations included in the analysis reduces manual effort of the user. The entire workflow (interaction with the client, the calculation of financial ratios and credit analysis, risk analysis, reporting, auditing) is treated in the same application and eliminates the use of Excel files. Using AnytimeRisk you can reduce the time allocated to financial analysis and credit decision can be made more quickly based on analysis automatically generated.

Centralize all necessary information with AnytimeRisk

An important benefit identified by customers is centralization of information and the unification of analysis process in a single application, allowing quick access to historical information. AnytimeRisk provides support in identifying risks and defining new market risk models, optimized according to trends in the economy, calculation and classification of data into the application, as needed.

Simplify reporting process

Data captured in the system can be transformed immediately into reports or predefined filters, run for a set of parameters. Managers have direct access in the application to access reports for the assigned workflow, without centralizing multiples reports in a single one. Reporting of any kind, including comparative analysis can be done in Excel or PDF files.

Reduce IT involvment

Application usage and configuration are easy and requires no IT knowledge. Implementation of new risk models, under the BNR rules, patterns of granting internal ratings or new forms of balance is achieved by the application's business administrator.


  • Supports RAS and IFRS standards based evaluation
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Secured data access
  • Enable archiving of past client analyses
  • Data and calculation models are configurable by business administrator
  • Connection with bank’s legacy systems to eliminate manual update of information in different systems
  • Configurable risk evaluation models with history
  • Business rules, decision blocks and decision tables
  • Flexible formula definition
  • Workflow automation with calculation engine
  • History enabled fields
  • Manual adjustments of customer financial data
  • Financial statements loading based on configurable import schemas
  • Reporting in Excel / PDF files, including comparative analysis
  • User rights management
  • Data access based on organizational hierarchy
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Export to business intelligence systems
  • Validation of accounting correlation (assets = liabilities)
  • Identify and eliminate duplicated accounting data
  • Identify unbalanced ratings
  • Archiving: customer risk decisions and decision ground, customer data, risk monitoring models, financial statements files, recording of analysts actions, including data alterations

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