ASF and Rompetrol have signed the final acceptance

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After 11 months of continuous efforts, ASF and Rompetrol have signed the final acceptance and the HR Administration & Payroll System went live.

ASF Human Resources & Payroll is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of the HR for the business. It allows adopting structured approaches to attracting, retaining, developing and using the critical skills and knowledge needed.
The Payroll engine has been developed as a high-performance rules-based application that is designed to keep pace with the changing needs of the enterprise and official regulations.

Capone V4 in production at MobiFon S.A.

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Capone V4 went live, making it another success story for ASF and Mobifon. The project had ambitious objectives and a tight deadline, but ASF team delivered the system in time, also assuring a smooth migration from the old version.

Another important success factor was the strong collaboration with MobiFon project team, making this project a very pleasant experience.

This version implements an extremely flexible data model that dramatically increases the system adaptability to changing business rules, complex billing plans and client hierarchies. New modules were also added, including High Usage Monitoring functionality.

Connex retail customers get the “Best customer experience at Corporate Stores”

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ASF has succesfully delivered a new Retail system to MobiFon corporate stores.Implemented in 13 locations around the country, the system is tightly integrated with other MobiFon’s Systems (Billing, CRM, Loyalty Points).

By implementing a new sales proccess Connex postpaid customers or past customers can make their purchases in less that a minute!

The new system support loyalty programs so the postpaid customers can spend their loyalty points when purchase mobile phones or accessories.

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